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Skillfully using Jianyuan ASA co-extruded wood plastic materials, the Oriental landscape brewed a profound and unique aesthetic conception.


The Oriental landscape style integrates and innovates the traditional culture and modern fashion elements in the form of expression. While retaining the traditional design heritage, it also integrates the design concept of modern landscape into it, so that the overall performance of the whole garden can be more dynamic and tension, and meet the aesthetic requirements of modern people.





At present, there are many applications of new materials for Oriental landscape. which can fully express and conform to the artistic conception of Chinese garden landscape, ASA co-extruded bamboo plastic (co-extruded wood plastic), a new technological innovation material, is more prominent, which can be fully integrated into the landscape.




 Especially in the Oriental landscape, the application of the classical landscape architecture techniques of the boardwalk, horizontal platform, landscape wall, grilling gallery frame, Chinese guardrail, landscape gallery bridge, pavilions ,it can achieve the landscape effect of moving scenery, so as to realize the modern interpretation of the new Chinese style of classical garden design language. Skillfully using ASA co-extrusion bamboo plastic, new Chinese landscape can brew profound and unique aesthetic conception.




ASA co-extruded bamboo plastic material has high weather resistance, rich and stable color application (with various natural high-end log texture), warm color and affinity, color fastness, high strength, good toughness, wear resistance, skid resistance, maintenance free, so that the bending strength, tensile strength, impact strength and dimensional stability of the product have been greatly improved.




 And  it has good toughness, no deformation, weather resistance, wear resistance, scratch resistance, waterproof, anti-corrosion, insect control, flame retardant and other superior properties, fundamentally solves the pain points and difficulties of ordinary outdoor landscape materials.




The surface layer of ASA co-extruded bamboo plastic material is rich in color, and through the treatment of new processes such as drawing, sanding and embossing, it is closer to the feeling of high-grade log texture. Through the technical innovation and adjustment of the new layer material, the product has been improved from the perception to the internal quality, and the quality characteristics are consistent with the Chinese landscape design concept. It can fully meet the high standard of scene requirements in various landscape projects.




It can not only express the theme of the design, highlight the achievements of modern science and technology, but also meet the aesthetic needs of peoples  times, protect the ecological environment, beneficial to human health.


At the same time, it can also create the harmony, quietness, clear, leisurely ecological landscape of the Oriental garden. At present, it is a rare ideal application material in Oriental landscape. ASA co-extruded bamboo plastic has injected ideal landscape elements into the Oriental landscape.