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ASA co-extruded wpc


the best building material-ASA-PVC co-extruded wpc for outdoor garden landscape 

In recent years.,co-extruded wpc with high weather resistance has been widely used in outdoor garden landscape construction in Europe and America countries.

(一)the advantage of co-extruded wpc

Internationally,wpc is classified as“low maintenance” products,and co-extruded wpc as extremely low maintenance ones,because of its higher weather resistance,harder surface, lower ratio of water absorption  in comparison with wpc ,such as PE ,PP,PS,which is easy to be cracked,flexible,distorted ,faded and expand in high temperature and shrink in low temperature.While usual PE or PVC co-extruded wpc overcome these products’ flaw in basically,not in essentially.

(二)the top-quality of co-extruded wpc-ASA-PVC co-extruded wpc

JianYuan Science ASA-PVC co-extruded wpc adopts the most advanced double machine co-extruded technology,with the central material of pvc wrapped in superficial ASA polymer compound,which greatly improves items’ lifetime and solves wpc items’ flaw.What’s more, it is the only one kind of colorfast outdoor compound material.

       1.ASA is a kind of terpolymer with a chemical single bond,so it can better resist UV and keep stable color.

       2.ASA includes acrylic rubber,which greatly improves its toughness and impact,especially in low temperature.

      3.ASA includes cyano,which makes it have features of corrosion resistance.and exhibit excellent thermostability with highest  temperature of 92℃.

      4.ASA and PVC has similar solubility,which make it have good consistency.Therefore,it forms natural wood texture and has vivid color.

PVC wpc adopts micro foaming technology and polyester fiber technology,meanwhile,adding with reinforced high fiber material,which has many superior features,such as eco-friendly,anti-insect,non-absorbent,without heavy metal element,nondeformable,fire-prevention,better consistency,toughness,stronger impact,lower ratio of expansion and contraction.

So it can be said that ASA-PVC co-extruded wpc is the best outdoor composite material internationally,because of its high weather resistance and high-wearing feature,colorfast,maintenance-free and superior features.


        Nicole Ni/Vice General Manager           

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 application of asa co-extruded wpc decking and armrest 
application of asa co-extruded wpc outdoor wallboard
application of asa co-extruded wpc leisure park chair

Right since its inception in 2001,

Jian Yuan Science company has been progressively marching towards excellence in its core business activities like the best eco-friendly co-extruded wpc.

After experiencing technical innovation,we have been one of the  leader in the top ten brands of co-extruded wpc in China.

Main Products: outdoor ASA co-extruded wpc,PVC co-extruded WPC,including WPC decking series,WPC wallboard series,WPC handrail series,WPC fencing ,ect.


	Application:garden area,waterside pavilion,swimming pool,hotel,villa etc.



        Nicole Ni/Vice General Manager           

Tell: 0086-13799272233


Wechat: Nicole103630234